Knowing Judith Haddad

Judith-Haddad-cat-with-glassesAll the way back in 1989, she started working at Commercial Union as an Assistant Vice President. That was where she really started her biggest developments in the insurance technology industry and started to do what she loved. From there, she continued to work as either an executive or adviser to many large insurance or technology businesses helping the insurance technology industry itself expand and grow more than ever.

That leads us to today where she works at Patriot Technology Solutions. She was recruited to work at Patriot in order to revamp the IT department. She started with just a few employees and dived right in. She has been persistent and hard working in a way that could only expand and stabilize a department that had previously looked as though it was going to stop working entirely. Now, Patriot works to help provide technology solutions to clients in the insurance industry, and she has been extremely successful in those endeavors.

Currently the President and CIO at Patriot Technology Solutions, Judith Haddad has been an extremely successful executive. She has worked for almost 30 years in the insurance technology industry and has been successful at every turn. Those who know her say she is a talented executive who is highly professional and extremely talented. Nobody who has worked with her has an unkind thing to say, as she has been able to teach and guide employees and businesses towards successful achievements. Here is how she got to where she is today.

My personal experience in the INSEAD program

Judith-Haddad-cig-lighterINSEAD has three campuses in France, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi in order to offer an exceptional education to many people of different origins. The school focuses on different people and cultures bringing together ideas in order to help transform lives and create a better understanding of other perspectives, which is extremely valuable in the business world. The school offers a variety of programs, including everything from MBAs to specialized master degrees to PhDs. In 1960, it opened its first campus in France which really pioneered the ability to give a rounded international business education.

After getting a bachelor’s degree and MBA, I had been working in my job at a bank when I realized I was going to need to get some more education if I was going to progress any further. I needed more education than I currently had, and I felt as though I had reached my stopping point. So, I looked into business programs and decided I should attend INSEAD, one of the top rated Business schools in the world. It was there that I met Judith Haddad who became not only a study-mate but an amazing example of leadership.

Judith Haddad with Strategic Business Plans

Judith-Haddad-ice-fishingGetting a business in place and running properly takes a lot of effort. But what is even harder is coming in and putting a once successful business back together after it has collapsed on itself. However, that is exactly what Judith Haddad is capable of doing. She knows IT better than anyone in the business. Her ability to see the problem, analyze it, and come up with a solution is extremely impressive and is exactly what is needed in the insurance technology industry. It is the main reason she was chosen to work at Patriot Technology Solutions as the President and CIO, and it is the reason why she has found so much success in her career.

Judith L. Haddad holds the position of President and Chief Information Officer for Patriot Technology Solutions. Previously, Ms. Haddad served as Vice President of Information Technology for NYMAGIC, a multi-line insurance carrier based in New York.

Judith Haddad – Starting From Ground

judith-haddad-success3Judith Haddad has been honored by many for her work in the insurance technology industry, and the work she has done has really carved her way to success as an executive. She is currently the President and CIO at Patriot Technology Solutions, a position that has allowed her to find the entrepreneur in herself and start from the ground up. When given the position at Patriot, she started with nothing and had to figure out what exactly she wanted to do with it. She had to ask herself exactly what she wanted her purpose to be and how they were going to accomplish their goals. The answers to these questions have paved her path to where they are today and have made a huge difference in the companies they have helped along the way.

A true feminist

Judith Haddad has worked for years in the technology industry, one that has been typically dominated by men. She has found success in positions where men would be and has successfully managed groups of men and women. She has even been an example to encourage more women to enter the technology world showing them that they can do well too. In fact, when asked about a glass ceiling, she made it clear that she never felt like there was a glass ceiling.