Judith Haddad with Strategic Business Plans

Judith-Haddad-ice-fishingGetting a business in place and running properly takes a lot of effort. But what is even harder is coming in and putting a once successful business back together after it has collapsed on itself. However, that is exactly what Judith Haddad is capable of doing. She knows IT better than anyone in the business. Her ability to see the problem, analyze it, and come up with a solution is extremely impressive and is exactly what is needed in the insurance technology industry. It is the main reason she was chosen to work at Patriot Technology Solutions as the President and CIO, and it is the reason why she has found so much success in her career.

Judith L. Haddad holds the position of President and Chief Information Officer for Patriot Technology Solutions. Previously, Ms. Haddad served as Vice President of Information Technology for NYMAGIC, a multi-line insurance carrier based in New York.

Judith Haddad – Starting From Ground

judith-haddad-success3Judith Haddad has been honored by many for her work in the insurance technology industry, and the work she has done has really carved her way to success as an executive. She is currently the President and CIO at Patriot Technology Solutions, a position that has allowed her to find the entrepreneur in herself and start from the ground up. When given the position at Patriot, she started with nothing and had to figure out what exactly she wanted to do with it. She had to ask herself exactly what she wanted her purpose to be and how they were going to accomplish their goals. The answers to these questions have paved her path to where they are today and have made a huge difference in the companies they have helped along the way.

A true feminist

Judith Haddad has worked for years in the technology industry, one that has been typically dominated by men. She has found success in positions where men would be and has successfully managed groups of men and women. She has even been an example to encourage more women to enter the technology world showing them that they can do well too. In fact, when asked about a glass ceiling, she made it clear that she never felt like there was a glass ceiling.

Fun Learning from Judith Haddad

baby bathThe most important thing Judith taught me is that I need to spend time teaching the people I work with. She explained that people who lead in companies sometimes try to do everything on their own because it seems easier than letting someone else do it, but it is a trap I shouldn’t fall into. My efforts as a CIO would be completely wasted unless I took the time to teach employees how to do things for themselves. And she was right. I would go a hundred times again for that precious time I had with her, and I wish everyone could have the same opportunity.

There’s nothing I like more than business trips to sunny places where I can learn from the best in the industry. And that is exactly what I got to experience when I travelled to Florida. The beaches in Florida were absolutely beautiful, and the nightlife is everything you see in the movies. I even got a chance to hold a baby alligator and go on an airboat tour through the everglades. But what I got most from my trip was an opportunity to spend a few hours with Judith Haddad getting some advice on how to better succeed as a CIO.

The Real Leader – Judith Haddad

nova-university-school-judith-haddadWhile attending Nova Southeastern University, I was able to meet and make lifelong friends with many men and women who were also attending the program to get their Masters of Business Administration degrees. We all entered the program at the same time, so we spent a lot of time together in study groups and even just hanging out after class and blowing off some steam. While getting to know these other students, the one I was most impressed with was Judith Haddad, one of the top students in our class who was not only a great student but an amazing example and teacher for the rest of us. I am so grateful for my opportunity I had to work with her and spend so much time learning from her.

To this day, I have kept in close contact with Judith because she became a close friend in her caring nature and leadership. I’ve seen her example as she has continued to pursue leadership positions and taught those around her with the patience and understanding she had even back when we were both pursuing our MBAs. I believe she has made a huge difference in the lives of many people, but I know for sure she has made a difference for me.