Inspiration from Judith Haddad

judith-haddad-friendsI met Judith Haddad when we were at college together at Clark University. We have remained friends over the years and get together every once in a while. I’ve seen how much she has accomplished not only for herself but for other women as she has shattered the glass ceiling as a well-known and successful company executive. I’ve seen her take many positions, but currently, she is the President and CIO of Patriot Technology Solutions. In that position, she has really had a lot of success in providing extraordinary technology solutions in the insurance industry.

An advocate for women

Women have this problem where we constantly compare ourselves to one another. It means that no matter how successful we are in our chosen career paths, we still worry that we aren’t as good as our friend or neighbor even if they are doing completely different things than us. One of the things I love most about Judith Haddad is her ability to recognize a woman’s worth despite what she thinks of herself. Even though I’ve chosen to spend a lot of my life at home with children, she never once made me feel like that wasn’t as hard as her job or that it wasn’t as important as what she was doing. And when I was ready to get back into working, she helped me get caught back up and start my career. She is a firm believer that women can do whatever they want and are valuable no matter what choices they make.