Technology of Insurance got better – Judith Haddad

judith-haddad-office-matesThe insurance world is one we all deal with on a regular basis. It plays into many parts of our lives. Everything from life insurance to car insurance to workers compensation insurance are things we deal with on a regular basis, even if we don’t realize it. And as regulations get stricter on how these insurances work, it is getting more integrated into our everyday lives. That is why it is so important that technology in the insurance world is keeping up. Thanks to Judith Haddad, President and CIO at Patriot Technology Solutions, the insurance industry is being taken care of.

Providing technology solutions

Haddad’s goal in working at Patriot has always been to provide technology solutions to an industry that has been ignored for a long time. Even though the insurance industry itself has changed a lot over the last few years, the technology available hasn’t been able to keep up. The goal at Patriot has been to build technology options that make insurance easier for both the companies and end users. Whether you are an insurance company, a business buying insurance for employees, or a person trying to figure out what your insurance covers, these kinds of solutions are here to help you.

With Judith Haddad as the CIO, Patriot has been able to find a lot of success in building up the insurance industry. They have launched systems for Missouri Employers Mutual, launched Vikarin Solutions QuoteExpert Portal, and have worked to introduce and launch many other essential programs to various insurance companies.