Role of Judith Haddad as CIO

judith-haddad-officeA Chief Information Officer, or CIO, was a pretty unnecessary job fifty years ago. Though technology was emerging quickly, it was nothing like it is today. At first, the title was given to the person responsible for ensuring all the cables were running smoothly and nothing went wrong with the equipment needed at the office. Now, however, the job is completely different and is a much more valued and necessary role at companies. The CIO at any major company today is responsible for not only ensuring the currently technology is working properly but that the company is up to date on current technology. This person is responsible for researching new and innovative technology options and determining whether or not those are worth using or if the fad will be over too quick to be worth spending thousands of dollars switching employees over.

Judith Haddad has worked as an executive in the insurance technology industry for over 20 years. Loaded with the experience and education to know what is going on and how to build upon current technology, she has been able to lead teams at Patriot to success. She has shown she is extremely innovative and has the ability to see problems and find answers to them. She also has extreme patience when working with and teaching other individuals. Thanks to Haddad, the insurance industry is no longer waiting for technology to catch up.