The Real Leader – Judith Haddad

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nova-university-school-judith-haddadWhile attending Nova Southeastern University, I was able to meet and make lifelong friends with many men and women who were also attending the program to get their Masters of Business Administration degrees. We all entered the program at the same time, so we spent a lot of time together in study groups and even just hanging out after class and blowing off some steam. While getting to know these other students, the one I was most impressed with was Judith Haddad, one of the top students in our class who was not only a great student but an amazing example and teacher for the rest of us. I am so grateful for my opportunity I had to work with her and spend so much time learning from her.

To this day, I have kept in close contact with Judith because she became a close friend in her caring nature and leadership. I’ve seen her example as she has continued to pursue leadership positions and taught those around her with the patience and understanding she had even back when we were both pursuing our MBAs. I believe she has made a huge difference in the lives of many people, but I know for sure she has made a difference for me.

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