Patriot Fixing the Insurance Industry

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judith-haddad-awardsInsurance has evolved over the years to be something that is not just available to consumers but essential for businesses and consumers to use on a regular basis. Whether it is a business ensuring they have the right worker’s comp insurance or a consumer filing a claim after a car crash, insurance really is something we deal with every day. That is why it is so important for insurance companies to have the right technology solutions making it easier for their employees and customers to access insurance information. This is where Patriot Technology Solutions comes in.

What is Patriot doing?

Under the direction of President and CIO, Judith Haddad, Patriot has been working in the insurance industry to build the technology necessary for the industry to progress. Haddad has many years working with insurance and as a CIO, so she is the perfect person to head up the team. When she started at Patriot, she had only a team of 8 people, but since then has grown significantly. They are certainly filling a need in the insurance industry where technology is needed in a specialized way but nobody has ever been willing to fulfill the role before. Patriot has received a number of awards under the leadership of Judith Haddad, including the Novarica 2014 Impact Award for their work on the legacy system replacement project.

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