Judith Haddad with Strategic Business Plans

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Judith-Haddad-ice-fishingGetting a business in place and running properly takes a lot of effort. But what is even harder is coming in and putting a once successful business back together after it has collapsed on itself. However, that is exactly what Judith Haddad is capable of doing. She knows IT better than anyone in the business. Her ability to see the problem, analyze it, and come up with a solution is extremely impressive and is exactly what is needed in the insurance technology industry. It is the main reason she was chosen to work at Patriot Technology Solutions as the President and CIO, and it is the reason why she has found so much success in her career.

Judith L. Haddad holds the position of President and Chief Information Officer for Patriot Technology Solutions. Previously, Ms. Haddad served as Vice President of Information Technology for NYMAGIC, a multi-line insurance carrier based in New York.

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