Judith Haddad – An executive woman leader

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judith-haddad-enjoying-the-sun-setWhile sexism in the workplace is a real problem that many women have faced over the years, Judith Haddad is living proof that a woman can find success if she works hard and gives it her all. Though she has faced many challenges in the workplace, she says that she found people were very receptive to her regardless of her gender because they believed she knew what she was doing and was working hard. So, what does it take for a woman to find success in the business world?

Haddad’s path to success

Judith Haddad has worked as an executive in the insurance technology world for over 20 years, and at this point, has the respect of all her peers. We are fortunate to live in a world where women who are determined cannot be stopped by men and that they are able to progress with hard work and dedication despite the naysayers who would say otherwise.

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