Executive profile on Judith Haddad

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judith-haddad-diningJudith Haddad is currently the President and CIO at Patriot Technology Solutions. But how did she get there and what experience brought her to this role? Here is everything you need to know about Haddad’s past and how she got started at Patriot.


Judith Haddad received her Bachelor of Science degree from Clark University, a school known for its research in addressing social and human imperatives on a global scale. The school focuses on changing the world though less conventional means. Haddad then attended Nova Southeastern University where she received her Master of Business Administration and was given awards for her honors status. NSU is the largest, private, selective, research university in Florida. The school is well known for research and its involvement with community. After that, she received her executive management training at INSEAD, one of the world’s leading graduate business schools with campuses in France, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi.

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