Blue Cod Technologies – Working with Judith Haddad

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blue-cod-logoNot only that, but she showed me how to succeed. She taught me how to be more efficient in my job and helped me understand anything I was struggling with a little bit. It was even easier to approach management about furthering my career in the company not only because of her encouragement but also because she had taught me the skills I needed to succeed. Many of those skills have been brought with me in my career to other companies and other job positions, so I have been able to be successful in everything I do, and not just one or two different jobs. Judith Haddad is an amazing woman with so much to give to the world, and working with her was one of the best moments in my career.

I worked at Blue Cod Technologies for a few years, and it was a really fantastic experience for me, both personally and for my career. I’m very glad I had the opportunity to work there and learn about the property and casualty insurance industry as well as the chance to work with some amazing people who taught me how to do my job well and how to make a career out of the job I loved. One of those people was Judith Haddad who worked at Blue Cod Technologies for about five years as an Executive Consultant. If it weren’t for her, I don’t know that I would be the successful business woman I am today.

Judith L. Haddad holds the position of President and Chief Information Officer for Patriot Technology Solutions. Previously, Ms. Haddad served as Vice President of Information Technology for NYMAGIC, a multi-line insurance carrier based in New York.

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